Experience The Seamless Fusion of Comfort and
Luxury as you Check-in at Grand Reserve

Step into a world where opulence and relaxation intertwine. From the lavish embrace of the Hyatt Regency Grand Reserve to the serene elegance of the Celeste Country Club Residences, every aspect of your stay is designed to transport you to another realm.

Welcome to the Hyatt Regency Grand Reserve

Set against the enchanting backdrop of the El Yunque rainforest, our resort is a tranquil escape where each moment is an invitation to bask in glory. From lounging by the lagoon-style pool to teeing off on championship golf courses, your stay unfolds as a symphony of comfort and sophistication,
resonating with the essence of Puerto Rico’s charm.

Step into the paradise of Celeste Country Club Residences

Imagine scenic views of the Championship golf course, Rainforest, and the Atlantic Ocean, all from the comfort of your fully furnished home away from home. Whether you’re soaking up the sun by the pool or taking leisurely strolls along the shore, your experience is a masterful blend of indulgence and natural beauty.